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Administration sets incorporating needle free valves. A choice of double or triple lumen sets is available in regular or mini bore tubing, each with coloured clamps.

Ideal uses; intermittent drug administration, drug and fluid administration remote from the patient’s cannula.

Minimum order: 50 sets

SafeSets Product Range

Key Features

Latex free
Reduces the chance of a severe allergic reaction

Negligible common fluid space
Patented multilumen hub keeps infusions separate until distal tip of connector so helping to prevent drug / drug reactions

Lipid resistant plastics
Safe for use with lipid containing drugs

Fully rotating male Luer collar
‘Self locates’ on locking and prevents line spaghetti

Colour coded clamps
Prevents accidental bolus delivery during syringe handling

Normally closed
Valve opens after insertion of tip of syringe or male Luer from administration set

Luer thread to proximal port
Permits screw locking of syringe or administration set to valve

Two-way valve function
Allows aspiration of fluids as well as administration of drugs